Bali stand’s as the symbol of beauty and peace, and we Love and Coconut would help to enhance your visit to Bali, by providing you with some of the most exquisite food and beverages in Bali. Our Bali catering services have
some of the best chefs from around the world so that you do not have to compromise with your taste and preferences. Love and Coconuts have one of the most outstanding catering services in Bali along with Bali Wedding Catering and Bali Bar Catering. Even if you want to entertain your kid's Love and Coconuts have catering services specially designed for kids so that they can enjoy to the fullest. Imagine you are sitting at a beach with your partner and the waves are slowly and swiftly touching your feet at that moment a bottle of wine would just add elegance to beauty, and wine Bali has a different league of its own.

Bali Catering:

Love and Coconut Catering services, provides you with a homely feeling, it is just like a home away from home. We try to provide you with all the local culture and love so that you could easily fit in. We also try to give quality service so that no one can have trust issues regarding our standards, Our Bali catering service try to provide fresh fishes for our sea-food, as sea-food is among one of our many delicacy’s, prepared by chefs who are master in their particular fields. Apart from starters and main course Love and coconut also excel in providing some of the best known desert in the country. So that people from all age group can enjoy the enriched flavors for themselves, without a worry in the world.

Wedding Catering:

In recent times the trend of Destination wedding is on the go and Bali has become one of the most prominent places to host a destination wedding. Love and Coconuts are always there to support you at the times when we are needed the most, and at the time of sheer joy of marriage Love and Coconut provide some of the most fancy and dazzling bali wedding catering services.
Love and Coconut provides you with some of the best decorations which will be etched in everyone’s memory for the rest of their live. With multiple beautiful locations at your mercy, you can choose the best suited location for your special day. So that it becomes one of the most memorable moment of your life and for years to come people cannot stop talking about your special day.
From Lights to Decorations everything will be provided by us, so that we can help you, enjoy every last second of your special day.

Bar Catering:

If you are looking for some excitement and thrill Love and coconut provides with some of the best Bar Catering around the globe, with skilled bar tenders who can mesmerize you with their tricks while preparing your drinks as well as wide range of beverages for drinkers and non-drinkers so that everyone can enjoy to the fullest.
In addition Love and coconut always takes its host into consideration and prepares the menu for them, and there is no space for error. The resources of the bar never run out so you can drink as much as you want but only drink so much that you can safely reach to your destined place.

Food and Beverage Bali:

Everywhere you go food is one of the most basic commodity, and if you are travelling to places you would always like to taste the delicacy provided by the place you are visiting. If we talk about food and beverage in Bali, there are “N“ number of dishes that one person can have. Being an Island the first thing that come to our mind is the sea-food, but it might sound astonishing but the most famous dishes prepared in Bali either have ingredients such as pig, chicken. But Bali is not always about non-vegetarian cuisine, some of the famous dishes also have vegetables as ingredients, and one of the most preferred vegan meal or snacks you can get are the spring rolls. Love and Coconut can provide you with, every desired food and beverage Bali; we can prepare everything as per our host’s request.
If you want to go for something familiar there are always joints such as star bucks present so that you can have a familiar taste. These joints are there for people who are worried about changes and cannot handle changes very well.

Kids Party Catering:

There are always occasions when the kids need some recreational activity such as birthdays and Love and Coconut can help throw some of the most exquisite and lavish birthday parties in the town. So that the birthday boy can blush and showoff the great arrangements to his friends. Love and Coconut have a wide variety of dishes and sweets for this auspicious occasion. Our Kids party Catering also have a wide variety of cakes in our inventory so that the kids can choose according to their liking.

Wine Bali:

If you ever think about Wine and Bali together, one should be clear there are two types of wine prepared in Bali. It is not that Bali imports wine or makes it own wine Bali but there is the difference of ingredient that is being used for the preparation of Bali Wine. If we talk about local Bali wine it is made up of Grapes that is found in the Bali region whereas when the grapes are imported from other countries such as Australia or Chile they are said to be imported wine though both of them are manufactured in Bali. The local wine is not as good as the wine made from the grapes of Australia or Chile but to some extent it is desirable. Love and coconut can provide you with both the varieties of these wines. It depends on the host whether he wants to get the taste of the local grape or he wants to taste the imported grape.

Champagne- the sparkling wine is being served in Love and Coconut Catering. There is the best quality champagne which are served here. One who comes over here for any celebration can never end up the celebration without the champagne. We have all the brands of champagne & that too at reasonable prices. Love and Coconut Catering is one of the best catering services in Bali which provides different services. People who are champagne lovers will love our place. If your friend is getting married soon then take him/her here for the bachelor's party & will be champagne memorable party ever. 


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