Love and Coconut Catering services, provides you with a homely feeling, it is just like a home away from home. We try to provide you with all the local culture and love so that you could easily fit in. We also try to give quality service so that no one can have trust issues regarding our standards, we try to provide fresh fishes for our sea-food, as sea-food is among one of our
many delicacy’s, prepared by chefs who are master in their particular fields.







Apart from starters and main course our Bali catering in providing some of the best known desert in the country. So that people from all age group can enjoy the enriched flavors for themselves, without a worry in the world. We also make sure that the venue that is decided is prepared in such a way so that you and your folks can easily locate it and at the same time the location would also add charisma to the event.


As we would select the location best suited for our hosts. Apart from location, we would consider every possibility so that there is not even a single percentage of dissatisfaction among our hosts. Whether it be wedding catering or simply kids party catering, our Bali Catering would give our best so that there is no chance of people complaining.


Even if it is a bar catering we would provide you with the best beverage we have in store, for our hosts. You can leave the decorations to us, you simply have to choose which type of event you want us to cater so that we could improvise and provide you with the unexpected. From cutlery to cuisines, from water to other drinks we will be providing you with everything, without any hindrances.