Everywhere you go food is one of the most basic commodity, and if you are traveling to places you would always like to taste the delicacy provided by the place you are visiting. Just imagine sitting on a beach enjoying the sunset and having a nice glass
of a beverage of your liking and having Balinese food, what all do you need. Food and beverage Bali go hand in hand; it’s the most perfect combination for successfully enjoying your stay in Bali.


If we talk about food and beverage Bali, there are “N“ number of dishes that one person can have. Being an Island the first thing that comes to our mind is the sea-food, but it might sound astonishing but the most famous dishes prepared in Bali either have ingredients such as pig, chicken.

If we talk about the food and Beverage Bali we could find some of the most natural sources of beverages, such as coconut water. You can also find natural juices such as tangerines and watermelon juice. Apart from healthy drinks, you can also find beer and wine though they are a bit expensive but you can have it easily without anyone questioning you. But Bali is not always about non vegetarian cuisine, some of the famous dishes also have vegetables as ingredients, and one of the most preferred
vegan meal or snacks you can get are the spring rolls.


Love and Coconut can provide you with, every desired food and beverage  Bali; we can prepare everything as per our host’s request. If you want to go for something familiar there are always joints such as star bucks present so that you can have a familiar taste. These joints are there for people who are worried about changes and cannot handle changes very well.