Kids play a major role in every parent’s life, and every parent try to fulfill every wish of their kids. When the kids are young every parent around the globe throws a birthday party to make their kids happy.


The trend of throwing birthday parties have risen drastically as compared to previous centuries, and the standard of these birthday parties have also risen significantly, everyone require a glamorous and flashy birthday parties nowadays and here is where the catering services come into the picture, due to such high standards catering services have to be fully equipped though it be food and beverages or the decorations everything should be perfect, so that it becomes a memorable day for the birthday boy/ girl.

There are always occasions when the kids need some recreational activity such as birthdays and Love and Coconut can help throw some of the most exquisite and lavish birthday parties in the town.


Every kid dreams that his/her birthday party should be the best, so that they can be famous in their respective schools and this is where we come into the picture. We try and establish a bond between the parents and the kids so that we can have a cozy work environment and everyone can do the chores as they like.

Love and Coconut have a wide variety of dishes and sweets for this auspicious occasion. We also have a wide variety of cakes in our inventory so that the kids can choose according to their liking.


Though it be wedding catering or kids party catering, love and coconut have always been number one, we are able to foresee the intentions of our host before hand and try to provide them with best possible outcome so that there is no room for error.

Kids Party Service