It is unlikely to think about a trip to Bali without drinking, though not for minors, Bali is among one of the most famous tourist destination in the 21 st century. Although drinking is not always about getting wasted, sometime it is just about celebrating in an elegant manner; this is where Wine Bali comes into the picture. Food and Beverage are always taken together, but every individual’s preference changes according to the situation. Though it be, food or beverage.





If you ever think about Wine and Bali together, one should be clear there are two types of wine prepared in Bali. It is not that Bali imports wine or makes it own wine but there is the difference of ingredient that is being used for the preparation of Bali Wine. If we talk about local Bali wine it is made up of Grapes that is found in the Bali region whereas when the grapes are imported from other countries such as Australia or Chile they are said to be imported wine, though both of them are manufactured in Bali.

The local wine is not as good as the wine made from the grapes of Australia or Chile but to some extent it is desirable. The reason behind the local wine not being so good is because the grapes in the Bali region are harvested multiple times, whereas the grapes that are imported are only imported once now it is up to you to decide which one would taste better. Love and coconut can provide you with both the varieties of these wines. It depends on the host whether he wants to get the taste of the local grape or he wants to taste the imported grape. Our cater services, whether it be wedding catering or bar catering, we will ensure that we are able to serve the wine and beverages in the most delicate and exquisite manner as profoundly as we could.


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